Sewing the harbour pieces


I have been working on the harbour pieces and am trying to portray the atmosphere in the same way as the mixed media. I lay a kind of base colour and work on top of this, often with tiny, tiny bits of fabric. I prefer not to use bondaweb or any other kind of “sticky” stuff” as I wish to keep the feeling of the fabric, frayed edges and all. The fraying often contributes to the picture.As the scraps are often so tiny I hold them in place when sewing, with a wooden skewer. Should I happen to hit the skewer with my needle, no harm is done – this wouldn’t be the case if I was using something metal. I do though always change the needle on my sewing machine on a regular basis and also if I feel anything might have damaged the point. The images show details from the pieces showing how I use scraps of fabric and stitch

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