Mark making tools

I do like the concept of mark making. Just making a small mark on a piece of paper can be the beginning of a new adventure. If I feel the need to loosen up my drawing I like too use unusal tools and I collect sticks and rusty nails, old tooth brushes and feathers to draw and paint with. It is impossible to be neat and tidy with a rusty nail dipped into ink on damp paper and this can produce some exciting, though often unintentional effects. As an art student I remember, on one of my first days at college, (pretty fear stricken) being sent to a nearby park with paper and water and told to do some drawing. We made use of sticks and grass and soil and squashed petals, amongst other things. There was  nothing worth “exhibiting”, but a sense of freedom and delight in not feeling the need to produce a master piece. The process is often more important than  the product.

mark making tools

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