Sketch book pages

The dictionary  defines a sketch as a “quick rough drawing”. I have done a bit of work on the theme of sea shells, a challenge, that was set in a group, I am part of, with some  lovely like-minded ladies. A sketchbook is a great place where you can do as you like. There need be no pressure on performing and you are able to experiment, with techniques and media, just as much as you like. I often make fabric sketches and fasten these into the book too. There is nothing better than a bulging sketchbook.

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This next piece is from an A5 sketch book.  I won’t, though call it a sketch, but a drawing. The dictionary defines drawing as such “to depict in lines, as with a pencil or pen”

It took me longer to do, than the sketches and was much more considered. I have purposely left some blank spaces. These did not need filling out, to explain what was going on and the white spaces create a necessary contrast to the pencil lines.


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