What to draw?

It is very easy – to suggest to people that they should draw on a regular basis, but two questions usually arise. “How do I find the time?” and “What am I supposed to draw?”

Time need only be a few minutes – we are talking process more than product. Write the date on the page so you can look back sometime and monitor your progress – for progress there will be.

Start with a small sketchbook, no bigger than A5. Draw on the train on your way to work. at meetings or in front of the TV. Draw your vegetables for dinner or your cat while it is asleep – draw whatever takes your fancy and is there in front of you.

It is your sketchbook and anything goes.

The drawings below are from a handball match on the TV. Look at the TV more than the paper, and just try to capture the movement. These female figures are only a few centimeters high



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