Urban concertina book

I  have now finished my first attempt at a concertina book – after following Karen Stamper’s online guidelines. The two small … More

Sketchbook pages

Today’s sketchbook pages with collage and pen drawings, were inspired by the pieces of grease proof paper I found in … More

Drawings recycled

When I tidy up in my cupboard full of fresh and used papers – I always come across a load … More

Sketches from The Faroes

Some more pages from my sketchbook. The monochrome sketches are done quickly on the spot from the grey rock formations … More

Sketchbook trees

My sketchbooks fall in to different categories and this is one of my themed books. These pages are from my … More

Sketchbook Chestnuts

It is autumn and soon the trees will be changing colour and shedding their leaves. Yesterday, when I was walking, … More