Walking the streets

I try to get out for a walk early every morning. The streets do not offer great views, but i … More

From my window

A quick pen sketch from my window – not the prettiest of views, but neverless worth a drawing.

More of My Space

Two more images from my latest, stay at home, concertina book.Here are some small linen dolls I have made (a … More

Stitch Challenge

The Community Stitch Challenge week three was set by textile artist Emily Tull. To stitch an eye. I did  go … More

Sketch Book Bulbs

The bulbs and flowers of spring are early this year and inspiring to draw.

Feeling More Free

This page was fun to do – and more my kind of thing. I started off with some collaged paper … More

Collaged Drawings

As most of my embroidered pieces are fairly small, I have collaged some of my drawings in 50cm X 70cm … More