The Cactus

My cactus picture is now in place on the background fabric and I have started the task of sewing all … More

Stitch Chestnuts

This is what I have been sewing for the last couple of evenings – it is the last take on … More

Colours of the sky

Looking at a beautiful¬† sky. I found paper scraps in the colours of the sky and made a couple of … More

Slow stitch

I have been relaxing with some handstitch. I just find scraps of old clothing, scarves , vintage embroidery and bags … More

More icy water

The weather is cold and any puddles and the water in the bird bath are frozen, but as yet, not … More

Winter weather

It is a new year and mid winter, although it isn’t very cold here at present. Below is a photograph … More


I am not quite sure why this piece turned out as it did!! Sometimes you just have to go with … More