Playing Cards

Starting on a new online course with the talented Douglas Andersen – the name of the game for September is … More


I do like visitng charity shops and flea markets and I am always on the look out for sewing related … More

Concertina Bog

I do enjoy working in concertina books and like the flow of the pages. And finding one at a flea … More

Craft Market

I will be taking part in a craft market in Lyngby (DK) at the old mill, a beautiful rustic building. … More

Sketchbook Sunflowers

The next two pages in my sketchbook use photo copies of the collaged flowers, an older drawing and of my … More

Sketchbook Pages

I have been working in my A3 sketchbook- looking at flowers. I was a bit stuck so I chose to … More

Vintage Fabric Purses

I have been having some fun with the Indian fabric scraps that I salvaged, recently, from a tatty old quilt. … More

Vintage Fabric

On my visits to charity shops and flea markets, I am always on the look out for vintage fabrics, buttons … More

Mini pictures

These are very much work in progress – small 10x10cm pictures using fabric scraps, stitch and old English cigaret cards. … More

Sketchbook Stones

I have continued playing in my sketchbook with stones – in black and white. This time I am using a … More