Waste not Want not

I had so many little scraps of felt and wool that needed using. I have had some fun making these … More

Quick flowers

I have enjoyed visiting some parks recently, with a pen and A5 sketchbook. I draw as I walk, looking at … More

Mountain in Stitch

I have finished my small piece, inspired by sketches of The Himalayas done quickly while watching TV. Strangely, the stitches … More

Mountains in Stitch

Inspired by my sketches from a television programme about The Himalayas, I have commenced on a small stitched piece. I … More

Stitch for fun

  I find it difficult to sit still and watch television, and prefer to have some embroidery to do at … More

Italian inspiration

I really enjoyed making my Italian inspired concertina book – and send a big thank you to Karen Stamper for … More

The finished cactus

The cactus is finished – with beetles and is ready to be collected, by the lady who has ordered it. … More

Suffolk Puffs

I am at present working on some small projects using vintage materiales, amongst others these Suffolk Puffs, that were lovingly … More